Motivation Theory: Personnel Engagement

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Motivation Theory: Personnel Engagement

Personnel engagement is one of the key topics that employers are interested in today.

The labor market is oversaturated with offers, and potential employees look for jobs with appealing working conditions.

Applicants are looking for the necessary conditions and working atmosphere where they will have the prospects for personal and professional growth, as well as the possibility to realize their full potential.

In turn, employers are looking for employees who will bring new business opportunities to their company and increase income.

Each manager, HR specialist and headhunter understands how difficult it is to find a perfect employee that will easily adapt to the corporate culture of the company. After all, an employee that is engaged in the work process will do a high quality job, achieve the best results, and will do his best to become more efficient in achieving the set goals.

There are some other benefits of employee engagement. An employee is interested in the success of the company, he is loyal to it, participates in the development of corporate culture and team spirit, and is sure that he has found a dream job.

To be engaged in the work process

The Benefits of Employee Engagement:

  • The process of staff recruitment becomes easier because employees advise the employer to their colleagues;
  • You save manpower and resources on recruiting, training and adaptation of employees;
  • Loyalty of employees with long-term working relationships, and a decrease in staff turnover;
  • Increasing business productivity and efficiency;
  • Improving the quality of work and staff development;
  • Improving customer satisfaction;
  • Increase in total revenue.

That is why managers and HR specialists devote a lot of time to such engagement factors:

  • Values, goals, strategies and mission of the company;
  • Personnel motivation system;
  • Satisfactory working conditions;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Relations in the team: with management and colleagues;
  • Professional growth of employees.
Perfect employee

There are so-called theories of motivation that will help you achieve the best result:

  1. Theories of personal achievement, such as the concept of the hierarchy of needs of A. Maslow and the concept of motivation of D. McClelland. According to these theories, people's behavior is based on the identification of internal needs. When a person’s internal need is identified, mechanisms are launched that regulate the behavior of people with the satisfaction of their needs.
  2. Procedural theories study how a person behaves in various situations, and also examine the influence of various environmental factors on motivation.
  3. V. Vroom's “Expectancy Theory” describes the dependence of the level of employee motivation on their assessment of their abilities. As a result, people are motivated by the amount of effort they spend that will lead to the desired result. There are three key components in this theory: expectations - results - reward.
  4. The “Theory of Justice” by S. Adams suggests that a person evaluates the efforts spent and the remuneration received for them, and compares them with the award of other specialists for similar work. In this way, a person looks for social equality.
  5. Porter-Lawler's “Theory of Motivation” emphasizes that motivation is a specific function when an employee expects a fair compensation. There are five points in this theory: the expended efforts, perception, results obtained, reward, degree of satisfaction. The achieved results, in addition to the expended efforts and abilities of a team member, also depend on the awareness of a person’s role in the company.

Each leader dreams of finding employees who are fully committed, striving to do their job as best as possible and motivated to achieve goals.

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