How to find a model and why a model’s job is so popular today

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How to find a model and why a model’s job is so popular today

In the modern world, a job of a model is one of the most popular and in demand. A few years ago you could meet a model-looking girl or guy only on the magazine cover or on a catwalk.

But now the range of model activities is much wider and the model's profession has become one of the most desired. Today, models lead events, present various products, appear in commercials and television shows.

Nowadays, models are even wanted as bloggers: experienced marketers and producers are now investing in this sphere.

So, if on our platform you see the words “models wanted” this doesn’t always mean a catwalk job. For example, we even have a plus size model agency as our customer.

Some believe that there is nothing difficult in the model’s work, and anyone with a beautiful face can easily cope with it. Most often people who have no idea about model management say this.

However, models need to be tough, professional and able to work in stressful situations. They should also always be in perfect shape especially when it comes to being a fitness model. If you ever attended a model casting, you would understand what a difficult profession it is. And this is what these boys and girls do daily. Every day is like a new test.

When you go to an audition you sometimes hear “yes” but more often you hear “no”. However you come back again to yet another tv cast, audition online or other casting, because this is your job. Psychologists say that well-known models are never dumb because to achieve success they need wisdom, patience, flexibility, and the ability to find a common language with everyone in the modeling agencies (especially with their personal model agent).How to find a model

If you have googled “model wanted” and are reading this article now, we hope you will be convinced that on our platform we have the best representatives of this profession. These are really beautiful and talented girls and boys who know everything about their profession. If you are a headhunter and are looking for a model for your show, commercial, film, presentation or photo shoot, then this is the right place.

We have hundreds of models registered on the platform not only from Ukraine and other CIS countries, but also from Europe, Asia and even the USA. This means that you will definitely find the right person. The next step is to go to the "recruitment" section and filter your search by job and other features. And then you can offer a job to specific candidates who are suitable for you. You can also publish “staff wanted” offer in the vacancy section. It is that simple.


The advantage of our platform is that we don’t stop when we have achieved something. We are always open to new talented models. If the favorite search on your smartphone is a “model casting” then we need you. It will take you about 5 minutes to register, and you will have a detailed multilingual form with portfolio which is suitable for any casting anywhere in the world.

We recommend answering questions in English and adding as many photos and videos as possible, because this will be the main criteria that customers pay attention to. Also provide information about who you have already worked with. If there are any commercials or magazine covers in your portfolio, be sure to attach this information.

We wish you successful castings!