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Babysitter- this is the second mom for a child. She should not just find a common language with the baby, but also take care of him like it’s her own kid. But where can you find such a responsible and educated professional? Our platform provides a wide selection of highly qualified specialists. Here you can find not only a responsible and children loving nanny, but also a lot of other professions. For example, a strong guard, skilful cook, attentive waiter, talented hairdresser, etc. However, today we want to focus our attention on the babysitting job.

A lot of people, for some reason underestimate this profession, considering it to be very easy. In fact, the work of a nanny often includes not only child care, but also cooking, bathing a baby, etc. It also depends on the age of a kid and the preferences of the parents. Someone hires a nanny for the whole day, and someone for two hours. The duties for a short period of time will be less than for the whole day. Also, the weekend nanny vacancy got very popular. She works only two days a week, which is very convenient for parents who want to spend time alone, and for the babysitter, who, for example, is studying on weekdays.

Our platform is good because it undertakes not only employers, but also the employee themselves. Therefore, if you are looking for your dream job, then most likely, it is already waiting for you on our website. All you need is to create a personal account and place your portfolio and resume in it. If the employer likes you, then he will definitely give you the job. Finding a babysitter or becoming her will no longer be difficult!

Also, our platform operates internationally, which means that you can find highly qualified specialists from different countries who speak English, Spanish, French and other languages.