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Profession: Model, Vocalist

Age: 26 years

Sex: Female


Twin sister/brother: No

Face type by ethnic group: European

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Bust / Waist / Hip: 75 / 59 / 86

Eyes color: Hazel

Hair length: Long hair

Hair color: Dark brown

Shoe size: 5 US

Clothing Size: S

Experience: С 12 лет я активно езжу на конкурсы,веду концерты,пишу стихи,сценарии,играю на фортепиано и флейте,занималась профессионально вокалом,рисую,танцую,участница показов мод(стаж на подиумах около 2х лет) years

Education: Master's degree

Foreign language proficiency : Английский,русский,украинский,кирилица,частично греческий,арабский и немецкий в процессе.

Blogger?: No

Work experience abroad: Нету

Willing to relocate: No

Work with music band: Yes

Musical instruments
  • Drums
  • Flute
  • Piano

Group members: Соло

Work experience abroad: No

Language skills

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Language: German

Level: Elementary

Language: Arabic, Polish

Level: Elementary

Language: Greek

Level: Advanced

Language: Belorussian

Level: Average

Language: Ukrainian

Level: Native

Language: Russian

Level: Fluent

Work online: Yes

Ukraine, Kiev
Driving License

Availability : No

Job specifics
  • Сalendars / catalogs / magazines
  • Creative photo shoots
  • Filming
  • Reality show
  • Commercial
  • Crowd scenes
  • Body-art
  • Hairstyles
  • Are you ready to dye your hair?
  • Are you ready to cut your hair?
  • Fashion shows / defile
  • Catwalk in lingerie
  • Hostess
  • Erotic calendars / catalogs / magazines
Voice Timbre
  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Tenor

Bad habits: No